Household & Organisational Management

We’ve all been there, trying to manage the day to day running of the house, alongside a career, Children and just life itself!

It’s not a failure to ask for help, it’s very smart, as we should all be focusing on our core tasks and skills and outsourcing other areas to experts.

My services are completely tailored around your needs and requirements, and I will work closely with you to understand where your challenges are, where you need to find time and what’s not working for you.

These are some examples of what I offer (these services can also be applied to a business environment);

  • Professional home organisation – I will come into your home and help you implement systems that will allow your home to run in a far more efficient way.
  • Project management – if you are changing something in your home, I can project manage this change for you, or if you want to stay involved on a day to day basis, I can be your accountability Buddy! With defined tasks agreed at the beginning of the project, I will work with you to ensure that these are delivered on time.
  • Monthly (or agreed periods) action plans – ensuring that you never miss a deadline/action/birthday/school event/evening out, we will work together on an action plan that allows you to have a method of ensuring that you become super organised!

Remember; Organisation isn’t about perfection, it’s about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time and improving your overall quality of life.

“I really can’t recommend working with Amanda Heritage enough, she is just fantastic at ensuring those with busy lives get what they need to achieve down, super organised, helpful and flexible… if you have something you keep meaning to get done, get in touch with her today”

Jo Beardsmore-Dilks
JBD fitness & dance

“Amanda has helped me see the light in the dark tunnel of overwhelm, avoidance and disorganisation! I’d highly recommend her efficient services to everyone.”

Sarah H


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